Getting ZotEZ2 out of the box!!

ZotEZ² is a third-party client on Android for synchronizing, sorting and downloading articles that are managed with Zotero, and stored on either Zotero Servers, WebDav, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive , and even locally.

In addition to the standard use of Zotero synchronization, ZotEZ² aims at facilitating file management for users of Zotero that chose to store their library database on another Cloud than the default ones.

Since ZotEZ² is currently "read-only", there is no risk of database corruption, even if your files are stored on a third-party Cloud, like Dropbox, GDrive or OneDrive.

ZotEZ² is the "read-only" version of a bigger project (Aziz, see Aziz, Lite! for more info) intended to provide editing options as well as full side note management, for any of these reference management softwares: Papers (see our app EZPaperz), Zotero, and Mendeley (see MendEZ).

Free features :

  • **NEW** Syncing your papers' library directly from Zotero servers, and connecting to a WebDav for stored pdf or linked pdf attachments.
  • Syncing of your papers' library with Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Or just accessing your local Zotero copy.
  • **NEW** Option to choose from 3 different cloud types regarding the following three types of items: the zotero.sqlite library database, the standard "storage" PDF folder, and the remote "attachment" PDF folder.
  • Listing of papers / books and displaying their main information (title, authors, publisher, year published, ...)
  • **NEW** Option to display cards with full article info
  • Downloading pdfs and notes of a document when available
  • Accessing attached links when available
  • Sharing the pdf of a document when available
  • Searching within references
  • Advanced settings: - resetting library data and reference manager type - deleting local files
  • Local libraries: if you cannot put your library in a cloud, you can copy it on your local Android storage and load it into ZotEZ²! Read our tutorial for more information:
  • Secondary storage: you can choose to store the downloaded PDFs either on the internal memory or an external SD card!
  • (Beta) Fast Loading of papers: if you have a large number of papers, you can choose to load them at the same time as they are displayed, so that you can access them while the others are still loading.
  • (Beta) Altmetric scoring.

    Extra features:

  • Sorting options (by tags, titles, types, authors, etc.)
  • Search filter for papers (by tags, titles, ...), authors and collections
  • Author’s tab: visualize your library directly from an author's perspective
  • Collection’s tab: organize your library with your collection tree
  • **NEW** Tag's tab: browse your library from your favorite tags (colors included, combinations allowed)

    Important Note: all the extra features are available for evaluation (for FREE) when selecting the option "or try the demo library". You will be presented with a curated set of papers (as well as links to our tutorials) in order to get a glimpse at our cool features.

    Future updates :

  • Broader data complexity management (multiple libraries, etc.)
  • Automatic downloading of entire collections.
  • New cool features based on your feedback (email us at

    More information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Privacy Policy on If you like the app, please rate it and leave a review. Thanks.

    To learn how to configure Zotero for third-party Cloud syncing on your computer, look at our tutorial on YouTube:
    - Zotero + Mac/Windows + Google Drive:

    ZotEZ² has been developed by Yohan Farouz.
    To Zoé

  • Tutorials: How to change the layout of both Tags and Collections in ZotEZ2

    In today's tutorial, we will cover one of the biggest new features introduced in ZotEZ2: a considerably improved user experience for Collection trees and Tag combinations. Previously, in ZotEZ 1, Collections and Tags looked as show below (Fig. 1)

    Tutorials: Standard Setup of ZotEZ2 for Zotero direct syncing and/or WebDAV PDF storage.

    This tutorial describes the two simplest ways to configure ZotEZ2 for your first sync with Zotero.
    Basically, we'll cover here the options of ZotEZ2 that correspond to the Sync's Tab in Zotero's desktop app's settings (see Fig. 1).